About Us

A passion project to bring Ramadan into

public libraries

Founded in Southern California in 2017, RamadanREADy represents the aspirations of 3 Muslim moms who wanted to share the cultural diversity of their traditions with the community around them. They recognized the love and values of their sister holidays and hoped to share this same spirit of Ramadan and Eid with children in the United States.

As they pursued their vision, they found the community around them rallied to support their cause. Through an online CrowdFunding site, the moms’ fundraising efforts proved an overwhelming success. Since 2017, RamadanREADy has donated over 175 kits to local libraries and schools across the United States.

It is through this generous support from community patrons that the RamadanREADy Kit is proudly offered to you. 

Crescent Moons and Pointed minarets


Another supporter of RamadanREAD is Hena Khan. The author of titles such as

It's Ramadan Curious George, Under My Hijab and Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets. Thank you for your generous book donation in 2019. 

Yo Soy Muslim

Ramadan READy was privileged to attend the Santa Monica Book reading and signing of   Yo Soy Muslim, with author Mark Gonzales in 2018.

iLyas and Duck



 Festival of Eid  

A fan of library projects, Omar Khawaja generously donated  Ilyas and Duck - The Fantastic Festival of Eid, to help launch our inaugural kit in 2017. 

In 2019, he donated Ilyas and  Duck - Ramadan Joy. 

RamadanREADY can’t thank him enough for his continuing support. Check out his free downloadable crossword puzzle on our resources page.