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RamadanREADy 2023 Kit

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Moons Ramadan

With radiant and welcoming art, this debut picture book and modern holiday classic captures the magic and meaning of one of the world's most joyful and important celebrations. It''s Ramadan, the month of peace, and Moon watches over Ramadan traditions with excitement and longing in this sweetly illustrated debut.

To view the educational guide please click here and click on download the guide

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The Night Before Eid:
A Family Story

On the night before Eid, it’s finally time to make special sweet treats: Teita’s famous ka’ak. Zain eagerly unpacks the ingredients from his grandmother’s bulky suitcase: ghee from Khalo Karim, dates from Amo Girgis, and honey from Tant Tayseer—precious flavors all the way from Egypt. Together with Mama and Teita, Zain follows his family’s recipe and brings to life Eid songs and prayers, pharaonic history, and the melodies and tastes of his Egyptian heritage.

This Muslim holiday story, featuring a delicious ka’ak recipe, is a satisfying addition to a joyful and expansive Eid.

To view the educational guide please click here and click educational guide.

My Magical Hijab

My Magical Hijab is a rhyme book that teaches many life themes to children: including Hijab, friendship, family, cleanliness and faith. It is the first book, part of the "Adventures with Mina" series which introduces a 13 year old Hijabi superhero into mainstream pop-culture.

Private Parties


R is for Ramadan Fill in the Blank
R is for Ramadan Word Box Worksheet


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  • 3 books with corresponding crafts

  • Silver Ramadan Kareem Banner

  • Silver Fanoos Garland

  • 2 silver hanging stars 

  • 4 Easel Backed Infographic Cards  

RamadanREADy Kit Decor By With a Spin
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