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RamadanREADy 2022 Kit

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A Ramadan Fiesta

Sofia's Mexican relatives, who are not Muslim, get to experience a day in Ramadan - the Islamic month of fasting. Together, they enjoy a day filled with a cultural blend of decorations, foods, games, and languages.

This book is a sequel to Mariam Saad's first book, Eid Breakfast at Abuela's

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There Was An Old Auntie Who Swallowed A Samosa


Auntie Sophia is making her special out-of-this-world samosas for the mosque iftar. But what this samosa pro doesn't know is that her kitty, Serrano, has some sneaky plans to alter her recipe! What will happen when she accidentally swallows a far too spicy pastry WHOLE? 

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Khadijah and Cat
Ramadan is Here

Join Khadijah and Cat as they go on a journey to learn and understand the meaningful month of Ramadan. Khadijah and Cat will help you understand this special month so you can join them and celebrate as well.(Review and description taken from

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'Tis the Night Before Eid

A delightful rhyming story that celebrates and reflects on the traditions of Ramadan and the excitement of the coming of the Eid holiday. Follow along as a Muslim family concludes the practices of Ramadan and prepares themselves for the celebrations of Eid.

Private Parties


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'Tis the Night Before Eid
coloring page
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A Ramadan
Fiesta Trace or Color Arabic Alphabet
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Khadijah and Cat
Match words 
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There was an Old Auntie who Swallowed a Samosa food labeling


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RamadanREADy Kit Decor By
 Eid Creations
  • Ramadan Banner 

  • 2 White Honeycomb Lanterns 

  • Gold Moon and Star Garland 11.5 ft

  • 2 Mini Reversible Black & Gold Lanterns 

  • 4 Easel Backed Infographic Cards  

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