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RamadanREADy 2024 Kit

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Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem is a delightful, diverse celebration of Ramadan around the world. Don’t miss this modern classic that celebrates the emotions and joy of this important holiday.

Come in and experience the sacred traditions of Ramadan, the Islamic month of mercy and blessings, with children and families from across the globe. From waking up early for suhoor and fasting from dawn to dusk to praying and preparing an iftar meal to be shared, Ramadan is a time of increased spirituality, gratitude, charity, and empathy for all.

With warm, lyrical text from M. O. Yuksel and richly detailed artwork from New York Times bestselling illustrator Hatem Aly, this is a must-have book that invites readers to enjoy the wonder of Ramadan. The book also includes easy-to-understand back matter and fun, interactive elements.

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Zahra's Blessings:
A Ramadan Story

Zahra hugs her cherished teddy bear and prays that Ramadan will bring her a longed-for sister. When her bear subsequently goes missing, Zahra finds herself grappling with intense feelings of loss. Over the next few weeks, as she volunteers with her mother at a local shelter for asylum seekers, Zahra befriends a displaced child, resulting in a newfound sense of gratitude and an unexpected Ramadan blessing.

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These Olive Trees

The story of a Palestinian family’s ties to the land, and how one young girl finds a way to care for her home, even as she says goodbye.

It’s 1967 in Nablus, Palestine.

Oraib loves the olive trees that grow outside the refugee camp where she lives. Each harvest, she and her mama pick the small fruits and she eagerly stomp stomp stomps on them to release their golden oil. Olives have always tied her family to the land, as Oraib learns from the stories Mama tells of a home before war.

But war has come to their door once more, forcing them to flee. Even as her family is uprooted, Oraib makes a solemn promise to her beloved olive trees. She will see to it that their legacy lives on for generations to come.

Debut author-illustrator Aya Ghanameh boldly paints a tale of bitterness, hope, and the power of believing in a free and thriving future.

Private Parties


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Ramadan Kareem
Color and Reflect 
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Zahra's Blessings
Build a Bear
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These Olive Trees
Color and Cut


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RamadanREADy Kit Decor By Eid Creations
  • 3 books with corresponding crafts

  • Gold Ramadan Banner

  • 2 Black Paper Lanterns

  • Ramadan Medallions

  • 4 Easel Backed Infographic Cards  

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