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Ramadan READy

2024 Kit
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The mission of RamadanREADy is to increase the number of children's books, arts, crafts, & displays in libraries focusing on Ramadan & Eid. 

RamadanREADy Library Project:

 A Non-profit organization and community based initiative to bring more inclusive programming to public libraries. We felt representation mattered and the only way in building bridges and breaking down stereotypes was through education.



RamadanREADy Kit

The RamadanREADy kit was created by our team, which includes 3 children's books focusing on Ramadan or Eid. We have developed master crafts to go along with each book. In addition Ramadan decor that is commonly found in our communities during the month long celebration. Our kit is unique and created anew each Ramadan season to showcase new authors, crafts, and the latest decor trends. 


How to reserve a kit?

If you are interested in hosting a Ramadan program, book reading, or crafting event please send us an inquiry through our contact page or any direct messaging from our social media. We ask that you first inquire with your local library or school to see if they are willing to accept a kit and/or offer a Ramadan program. Each year kits are mailed by request only. 

Kit Sponsorship
RamadanREADy stands behind their commitment to get these kits to you for free. If you are unable to purchase
the kit we will assist your library or school in
getting your kit sponsored.
If you would like to purchase our kit you can pay by Venmo or Paypal. For donation or sponsorship inquiries, please reach out to us on our contact page. Kits are only available during the Ramadan season.
“RamadanREADy hopes to continue to spread the word about our initiative to cover all 50 states in the U.S in hopes of getting the children excited for Ramadan and increase public awareness.”
Lila Khan
"We purposefully capitalized the READ in RamadanREADy because we wanted to emphasize that the only way to break down barriers of fear, Islamaphobia, discrimination, and prejudice was through education."
Aseya Jooma

A passion project to bring Ramadan into

public libraries

Nina Obeid
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